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Products The guards rails

The guards rails

The guards rails are metallic barriers disposed along a road and are intended to attenuate all consequences for vehicles and their occupiers of an accidental exit of roadway and so to decrease the seriousness of road accidents

The guards rails have as role to amortize shocks of vehicles and to absorb their  energies, to avoid the rebounds of vehicles and to guide them in exit of road.

The guards rails called also rail of security or parapet are especially used as demarcation on double roads, as protection on bridges, interchanges and their accesses, on the mountain roads, in freeway border because of the high speed of vehicles

The guards rails can also be equipped with re_ectors which increase visibility at night and rain weather. Besides, they can be equipped with implements allowing the protection of the motorcyclists.

Production process

The guard rail production is composed of three steps:

The slitting

The pro_ling

The hot-dip galvanization

Processus de fabrication

  • La fabrication des glissières passe par trois étapes :
  • Le refendage
  • Le pro_lage
  • La galvanisation à chaud