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The Sandwich Panel is a monoblock component composed of two metallic sheets (galvanized or painted sheets) between them concentrated rigid foam called polyurethane is injected.

The metallic sheets (galvanised, painted, stainless steel…) enable the sandwich panel to withstand to hard mechanical solicitations.

The sandwich panel has the ability to withstand oxidation and humidity inltration. This is due to the formation of the adhesive protective layer of the concentrated rigid foam called polyurethane which has a low thermal expansion. It is not aected by thermal shock and is strong enough to withstand many years of service as an insulating element.

The thermocovering sandwich panel insures both the covering and thermal insulation.

For letting the passage of light, polyester or polycarbonate panels are recommended.

The continuous unit of sandwich panel’s manufacturing enables to us a great accuracy in sizes and a high and constant quality.

Continuous chain of sandwich panel has a cooling system that guarantees the elimination of the arrows to the signs of large thicknesses.

The external sheets

The metallic sheets can be used in dierent thickness and kinds (galvanized, painted, stainless steel, aluminium…)

The galvanized or painted metallic sheets are based on cold rolled steel on which it sticks a thin galvanised layer at 275g/m as density.

A tack coat Epoxy at a thickness of 7 to 8 microns.

Moreover, for the painted metallic sheets, a polimag layer is applied on its external face at a thickness of 21 microns and another one on its back face at a thickness of 8 microns.


The insulator : Polyurethane

The polyurethane is a dense component composed of Polyol, iso cyanate, pentane, catalyst and additive, injected between the two metallic sheets heated at 40°C.

The sandwich panels are often operated at temperatures between –50°C and +100°C.

The polyurethane withstands to water, acids, hydrocarbons and mineral oils. This is due to its high density, around 95% of compact cells.


Nude polyurethane foam

  • Produit en blocs, équarris et découpé en panneaux
  • Les panneaux sont dépourvus de rainures, de CFC et de HCFC
  • Densité standard : 40 kg/m3
  • Dimensions standards : 200x100 cm
  • Epaisseurs disponibles : 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 et 120 cm

Translucent sheet

Recouvrement transversal

Il se fait toujours au droit d’un appui. La valeur du recouvrement transversal ne doit pas être inférieure à 200 mm pour une pente supérieure à 10% et de 300 mm pour une pente entre 7 et 10%.

The use of sandwich panel

  • Industrial constructions : Grame work, caravans, thermal stations, pipes, food containers, …
  • Commercial buildings, sport halls, refrigerated stores, …